About Stephanie

In November 2012, I gave birth to an adorable little girl who would become my muse. I captured her for months and friends began asking if I’d photograph their little ones too. I had never “pictured” myself doing this for a living. I had always assumed any kind of successful career in professional photography meant shooting weddings – and I had discovered years earlier that weddings were not at all for me (I did 3 and missed the kiss 2 out of 3 times!). But Zoey made me fall in love with taking images of babies… their little smiles in their sleep, their tiny curled up toes, their broad grins and bright eyes that say so much, while they are still too young to talk. So I gave it a try. I still owned a successful graphic design & marketing firm – a career I’d built over 15 years (yay for all that PhotoShop knowledge). As far as I knew, this would just be a hobby, maybe an extra money maker.

But by the end of 2014 – just a little over a year from my first session – I felt that this was what I was made to do. I had discovered that it wasn’t just about those baby grins and baby toes… It was about this season of life with these families. It was about new moms and their courageous birth stories, new sleep-deprived dads nodding off on my couch during newborn sessions, and all of them sitting together for their first real photo – no longer a family of 2, but 3. It was about only children learning to become older siblings. It was about bigger families who had rough years, who were just happy to all be together for one more picture. It was about creating a unique and fun Christmas setting that made moms and dads forget that they were adults while losing themselves, playing in snow with their children. It was about the individual stories of each family that came to my door. I continued to do it because I fell in love with the journey.

Then in 2015, the week before Thanksgiving, my husband and I lost both our dads just 6 days apart. The heartbreak lingers for our family, but I believe it has made me better at what I do. After struggling to find precious images of our dads – and us with them – I realized the depth in the importance of photos. Photos outlive us. To see more about our unique dad story, and the other passion and charity I serve (hint: it’s adoption), click here: (link coming soon)

In 2016, I was able to officially close my other business and solely follow my purpose in life. I’m blessed to have a very successful business doing something I’ve loved since I was little. I’m even more excited it worked out where I don’t have to capture weddings (you wouldn’t want me to)! I would love to meet you and hear your unique story and I would be honored to spend time with your family and provide you with lovely photos that others can treasure long after we’re gone.

Thanks for learning more about me. If you have questions, please visit my FAQ page or contact me. Learn more about my studio and outdoor shooting locations.