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The miracle starts here. And what a beautiful journey it is. I love being able to photograph beautiful expecting mommies (and daddies)!

Lynch View More: http://stephanieresch.pass.us/trichmaternity_061415 View More: http://stephanieresch.pass.us/twhitematernity_091315 View More: http://stephanieresch.pass.us/psepulveda_maternity071915 View More: http://stephanieresch.pass.us/psepulveda_maternity071915 View More: http://stephanieresch.pass.us/rtatematernity_073115 View More: http://stephanieresch.pass.us/msharbermaternity_081615 View More: http://stephanieresch.pass.us/jjohnsonmaternity_081615 View More: http://stephanieresch.pass.us/jjohnsonmaternity_081615

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  1. Hi there,
    My name is Nicole and I am currently 19 weeks pregnant. My husband and I have discussed getting some good maternity photos with a good photographer. I have heard great things from my sister-in-law, Ashley Decker. I love all of the maternity photos that you have done and your pricing is just amazing! When you get your CD with all the photos on it, will they all be professionally touched up? I was just curious. I know that the ideal time to get maternity photos done are in between 34-36 weeks maybe? I just wanted to touch base with you and cover everything. I have just heart some great things, and would love to work with you when that time comes.

    Thank you for your time,
    Nicole Rollins

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